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Eco-Friendly Things to Remind You of Me

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | February 15, 2023

It has been imprinted on humans that to love is to give, to love is to share, and to love is to appreciate. They naturally know that love is to be nurtured. Love is to be expressed. Ultimately, they know that love is one of the most powerful driving forces that binds two souls into one.

This Valentine’s Day, you may also want to give your significant others a gift to treasure forever. A gift that holds a sentimental value that will never expire. A gift that brings reassurance and feelings of love that lasts long. You may want this gift as something that represents you whenever you are away. You want to give something that could lift spirits and carve smiles—a gift that means the world to receive no matter the price. The Earth loves that idea too. Although giving gifts is a way of showing your love and affection for someone, you can still express this love while also extending your care for the environment with these eco-friendly gifts.

Scented Candles are reusable and come with varying aromas. The scent your lover associates you with is one of the hardest things to forget. Whenever roses bloom, the thought of you comes to mind. Whenever romantic scenes occur, it instantly paints an image of you and evokes a sense of longing. Scented candles are good for three months at most, and it is safe for house pets and children too. 

Yarns are not just for cats but for your lover too. DIY Flower Bouquets will never wither, just like true love. Tangling yarns using patience and consistent pattern demonstrates perseverance and focus. Perseverance and focus demonstrate the amount of persistence despite the odds and the delays—a perfect illustration of your love that stays the same no matter the season. These flower bouquets never die, so they may stay for a lifetime. Additionally, it is a much healthier option for the environment and more practical in a financial sense as it utilizes lesser resources compared to traditional flower bouquets.

Gifts don’t always have to cost a pretty penny. Poems and love letters are romantic. These written thoughts, metaphors, and cheesy lines are timeless. Lay down your heart, let your pen bleed with the words you failed to say in person—talk about the intensity of your love. Write letters so your voice may remain clear inside your lover’s head. Write poems so your love remains assured inside your lover’s heart. Handwritten letters don’t require electricity, printers, or anything modern, which is also beneficial to the environment. It requires only your honest words to touch the heart of your loved ones. 

Ultimately, time. All those mentioned above would mean nothing without you around. Make sure to hold your lover’s hand whenever thunderstorms come to scare. Walk with your lover around the places that remind you of each other. Talk for hours about the shore, the dogs, the leaves fallen, or anything that may seem weird to other people. Time costs nothing, but it means everything when shared with the people you regard so dearly.

The gift you give must contain a significant resemblance with you. It must be something worth holding to eternally, to timelessly be a reminder of your true feelings, and to forever be an evidence of your passionate soul. This Valentine’s Day, let us extend our love not only to our significant others, but to the environment as well for the next seasons of love to come.


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