Friday, February 3, 2023

Meet the Staff

of the Weekly Sillimanian


Anna Avery Te Zapanta (Avery)


"Everything to achieve, nothing to prove." - Louis Tomlinson

Ranjie Mae C. Nocete (Ranjie)

Associate Editor

"It is what it is."

Nathaniel Enclonar Carampatana (Nat)

News Editor

"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now." - Edna Mode, The Incredibles (2004)

Ivan Anthony A. Adaro (Ivan)

Features Editor

"There is a huge difference between failing and failure." - Jay Samit

Klodia Reese Gabaya (Klod)

Business Manager

"Kapoy life." - me and probably everyone else

Nina Isabelle J. Alolod (Nina)

News Writer

"If dangerous ideas didn't excite the imagination, we would never wander astray." - Heimerdinger, Arcane (2021)

Allianah Junnice Bolotaulo (AJ)

News Writer

"You must always have faith in people and, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself," Elle Woods, Legally Blonde (2001)

Stefan R. Saldon (Stefan)

News Writer

"Slow progress is still progress"

Natania Shay Solon Du (Shay)

News Writer

"Make each day happier than the last."

Keisiah Dawn T. Tiaoson (Dawn)

Feature Writer

"Go confidently to the direction of your dreams. God sustains."

Lea Katrina P. Cañizares (Lea)

Feature Writer

"There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth" - Friedrich Nietzche

Paul Ray G. Donaire (Ray)

Feature Writer

"Be a free thinker and don't accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in" - Aristotle

Francis Ryan B. Pabiania (Francis)


"There’s always possibilities, just have a coffee and a little but of sun."

Lady Lynn W. Aplicano (Lay)

Editorial Cartoonist

"Expectation is the root of heartache" - William Shakespeare

Sheikha A. Encabo (Sheik)

Web Manager

"Be useless so no one could ever use you."

Rainne Cal Nocete (Rainne)

Social Media Manager

"No body, no crime" - Taylor Swift

Julianne Rissa P. Gabriel (Jules)

Graphic Artist

"Que sera, sera"

Jarixa Balbuena (Ja)

Layout Artist

Winona Jane Agir (Win)


"Live, Laugh, Love"