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‘11,103’ Review: A Battle of Narratives

By Dorothy Wynn Marie S. Vendiola | September 29, 2023 “11,103” was not an easy watch; it was a woven tapestry of perspectives carefully unraveled...

Pets of Silliman University: A Short Guide

By Sarah Madison Repollo | September 28, 2023 Who is your favorite campus pet? Silliman University is home to a plethora of flora and fauna. The...

E-waste: Convenience at a Cost

By Kristia Daymiel | September 28, 2023 From postcards to prints, papers to screens, and quills to smartpens—technology has allowed our lives to transcend into...

A Glance that Lasts a Lifetime

By Kristia Daymiel | September 22, 2023 “Ning!” This is the word that Emilia Ablir hears echoed throughout her regular workday—one filled with looks of lasting...

Just Another Vice?

By Sarah Madison Repollo | September 21, 2023 Smoke permeates the air. Puff after puff, inhale and exhale. Another hit, another blow, another breath. Wheeze...


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