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By Queen of "Bangsamoro" Pop, Shaira | April 5, 2024 Sa tuwing nakikita kong magkasama na kayo,  naiinis ako't nasisira ang araw ko. At di ko alam...

The Worst Best Places to Study on Campus

by | April 5, 2024 With midterms in season, and no library to study in, the students of Samukan University have a huge problem...

KY 69: Purpose in Every Beat

By Quotable Therapist ng Dapitan | April 4, 2024 “Mmm, kalma.”  Aside from Skuzta Glee and Iller Mostrena, singers of “Lagabog” themselves, who else best associates with...

Women’s Wins: Her Journey

By Sarah Madison Repollo | March 21, 2024 On the second floor of Ausejo Hall, an office stands centerstage to the large corridors. In the...

Journalism: The New Intramural Sport 

By Grylle Adrian G. Malala | March 8, 2024 When we ought to think about intramurals, ball games, net games, wall games, and every other...


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