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The Hallyu Effect


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Bestsellers of SU Farm

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | November 14, 2022 As an institution that advocates food security, programs and establishments under the Silliman University College of...

5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives for College Students

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | December 13, 2022      Humans are said to be one of the most advanced beings to exist on planet Earth throughout...

Defying Female Limits: A Movie Review on Enola Holmes II

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | December 6, 2022 Women are not shadows of men. They are their own person, conquering any obstacles that come their...

Greenwashing at COP27?

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | November 30, 2022 Climate change is a real-deal environmental issue proven by science, with empirical results debunking opposition. Take...

Midnights Album Review: Taylor’s Bejeweling Return to Pop

by Lea Katrina Canizares | November 29, 2022        There is no denying that midnights always get the best of us. At this time, we are...


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