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The Battle is Not Yet Over

by Ivan Anthony A. Adaro | June 5, 2022 The Philippine Elections last May 9, 2022 may have ended, but the battle is still far...

Where to go when you finally come home

By Jean Salgados | May 31, 2022 More likely than not, you have not seen Silliman University. Less likely than that, you have not seen...

A Lunar Civilization by 2035?

By Zarelle Glen Dorothy A. Villanzana | May 26, 2022 Dome shelters made of lunar bricks cover the rocky satellite, roaming robots assist humans with...

12 Questions For Our Incoming SUSG President and Vice President

by Ivan Anthony A. Adaro and Emmarie M. Bonganciso | May 24, 2022 A good trademark of a great leader is someone who takes the...

Mimicry of Design

By Jean Salgados | May 16, 2022 At the height of the Roman Empire, there lived an architect by the name of Vitruvius. This genius...


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