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DINGDONGs in Silliman

Compiled by Agustin Vicente G. Bas | Graphics & Layout Artist

Vol. XCI No. 14

Jan. 17, 2020

In just a week, the social media world was shookt by Dingdong Dantes; his photos, his name, and everything about him. None of it happened because of his doings, but all because of the woke people in social media. Of course, Silliman University has its own DingDongs too, it may not be able to shookt your Sillimanian World, but its a good Dingdong Knowledge for your Dingdong brain.


Our Silliman favorites, the lovely ninings around Silliman University! Your Sillimanian years wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t encountered someone calling you “ning” inside Silliman. And that is the beauty of the ‘Nings’ who call you ‘Dong’ inside the campus by the sea. 

The Silliman Tradition. This should be required for every student coming inside Silliman University. Everyone should know about the lovely tradition of Silliman University, to hit the Gong.
The Ding-Gong.

Your Dumaguete experience ain’t complete without having a Tanjayanon friend with you. They’re not always in a bad mood, that’s just them in a normal state, and we love it.
‘ting inita bai!


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