Friday, June 21, 2024

Nutrition Myths Debunked

Information regarding nutrition can be accessed easily but the problem is a lot of informations are inaccurate.With all of the hoaxes out there, here are some of the biggest nutrition myths debunked by experts.

Myth #1: Dairy and milk as best source of calcium
Not just dairy and milk but leafy green vegetables, like collards, soy products, and baked beans, are also great sources of calcium.


Myth #2: Fresh products are healthier than canned and frozen goods
Canned and frozen goods have nutrient contents that are just as good and nutritious as “fresh” labeled products.


Myth #3: Taking a daily multivitamins promotes healthier body
It is better to absorb nutrients through healthy food intake than taking vitamins to make up for the nutrients the body needs.


Myth #4: Eating protein builds muscle
Eating protein does not build muscle. Only exercise can. Cover just a quarter to a third of your plate with protein and your body will handle the rest!





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