Monday, June 24, 2024

“How do you feel now that Intrams is being postponed to the first week of December?”

“I feel better because participants can still practice. We should not feel sad about the postponed intrams because the only change was time,not the game.”
Joise Elnah Cadilig, BEED SPED III

“I feel happy for the athletes because there will be more time for them to prepare for the sports events.”
Jose Lougi G.Laraño, AB POLSCI IV

“I lost my enthusiasm, but it’s okay because we have more time for training.”
Arby Mae Malumay, BBA Mgt III

“All of us are looking forward for Intramurals week, but because of the typhoon athletes were not able to practice. so I think it’s good that it was moved so that athletes can still prepare.”
Niel Lenn E. Ramirez,BSND I


Compiled by Nectarina Catada


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