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Tell us about your enrollment experience

Compiled by Neil Willer S. Nobleza | Circulation Manager

Vol. XCI No. 10

Nov. 22, 2019

Okee keyoh!
Charles Ezra Anthony Tuozo, Medical School 2nd Year

I thought na hassle sa Engineering kay first week of class na wala pa mi grades so dili ka-enroll. Mas hassle diay ang senior high enrollment with the notarized waiver and all.
Jmee Juanerio, BSCE/BS-Arch 4th Year

First week of class is first week of enrollment.
Dhemps Kyper P. Abuyabor, BSBA Management

Enrolment is a sink in the #savetheplanet movement. So. Much. Paper. How about we make it easier on everyone and everything by making a Silliman App? Everything will be done on the app and the signatures we need for clearance, SG fees, etc will be substituted by the respective faculty member logging on and approving the enrolment on his
Silliman App account! I’d be happy to help! Thanks and bye!
@armandz00, (via Instagram)

Wala pa tawon ko ka enroll, ky akong teacher dili macontact…
Wailin Gianna Ariosa Lopez, Senior High School

Authorization letters HAHAHAHAHA and the lines sa business and sa roble agay hahahahaha
Leander Palalon, Senior High School



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