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“Many students have paid their tuition fees on time this semester. Despite this, a lot have been receiving surcharges in addition to their current financial obligation. What can you say about this?”

Compiled By Nectarina Catada

“As a freshman student, I’ve experienced this kind of dilemma when I checked my account in the internet. I had a surcharge of 250 pesos. It was very obstructive and unjust because you pay the exact amount on time. Even though it is just a small amount, still, our parents  worked every penny for it.”
Krisjan Marie S. Osabel, AB Political Science I

“The surcharge can be a good thing because it is a form of discipline for the students, source of extra additional budget for university programs and convenience during exam period where getting an exam permit is sometimes a hassle.”
Jan Fitzgerald Kennedy C. Calo, BSEE IV

“This is such an overburden to students and their parents. They should stop surcharges.”
Sheena Mae Diongco, BMC II

“It’s an additional problem to students and parents. I first thought that Silliman wants to upgrade the level of education that is why we pay expensively. However they are now collecting extra surcharges. Where do these go? Can somebody explain to the students?
JM Diputado, BBA-MGT II


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