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What are your thoughts on the cancelled parada?

Compiled by Neil Willer S. Nobleza | Circulation Manager

Vol. XCI No. 5

Aug. 28, 2019

Is there a chance that the parade will be rescheduled? There are new students that were really looking forward for this day ug naay mga alumni ug students nga nagexert ug effort for their floats and decorations. I hope they will rescedule the parade in fact it is just a single day.
Almira Gail Coronel Agir, BS IT – II

SAD. This is my 6th and last year in college and I never failed to attend Parada Sillimaniana.
Miles Therese, BS PSYCHOLOGY – IV

gidelay ra unta ang time sa parada kay nihunong raman ang ulan by 3:30 or 4PM. naluoy kos mga participating float na effort kaau ilang mgaa floats ug sa mga alumni, students who are excited to participate especially sa mga 1st timers and sa mga last year na nila as sillimanians because they will soon graduated, participating other schools and sa organizers anang parada this year. Next time, consider other things that might affected before jumping into decisions. Anyway, Happy 118th Birthday, Silliman!!!
Sean Francis C. Nocete, BS OM – IV

Maka disappoint kay ready na kaayu mi tanan2 as dancers sa parada then last year npud nko ni first time nahitabo nga walay parada kung kailan last year na hayys.
Meryl Joy Bucad, BS MANAGEMENT – IV

Epic level of sadness.
JM Lomoljo, Graduate School Student

I understand the matter about the cancellation… it was for everyone. But, since it’s part of our tradition, why don’t we just justify the cancellation through giving this year’s founding anniversary a well-deserved ending?
To me, it’s everything that binds us together as we look back and as we look forward to our futures — That which fires our passions, which embraces our souls, which we can share as we come back home. Atleast, we also never forget how we build everything in any way to any thing together in the University.


Kryss Nestler Umbac, BS ED BIO – IV

They should have waited for an hour. The parade will start by 3pm. They cancelled it around 2pm. They still have an hour to wait for the rain to stop. But probably the University’s concern is the endpoint of the parade, which is the muddy ballfield. After Parada, there is always a program. Maybe they can’t find an alternative place for that that’s why they cancelled it (we have the gym though).
Dave Dianne Ludoc, SHS – Faculty

1st time to happen. Hoping there will be NO MORE NEXT TIME. disappointing, at exactly 3pm the rain stopped less than an hour after they announced the cancellation of the parada. Rain Or Shine Parada must go on sana. Thats the Sillimanian Spirit. But sad to say.

Disheartened. A tradition has been broken. But we are Sillimanians. Our Founders Day spirit is way bigger than a cancelled Parada Sillimaniana. Will get through it and move on.
Shaun M. Macahis, BS MT – ALUMNA


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