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Would it be beneficial to install temporary routers in the booth area?

Compiled by Neil Willer S. Nobleza | Circulation Manager

Vol. XCI No. 4

This is the time of year 2019 Suzuki Jimny: A little monster on steroids clenbuterol online anabolic steroids: effects on women that one would want to interact and bond with
those that are “physically” around. Not having temporary WiFi routers
in the booth area is fine as this is the homecoming season of friends,
family, and alumni alike. Get to know your Silliman family through
the amazing events and activities that many people have invested so
much time and effort to prepare. No WiFi, no problem.

Daryl Robinson, MA Psychology Major in Counseling Psychology, First

For me it does because sometimes people needs Wi-Fi and not
everyone has postpaid (or the free way of using cellular data). The
only concerns I’m afraid of is the security threats and the budgets.

Matthew Joseph Fopalan, Bachelor of Mass Communication, Second Year


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