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What is your take on the military presence in Silliman University?

Compiled by Neil Willer S. Nobleza | Circulation Manager

Vol. XCI No. 3 — Aug. 14, 2019

“An utmost importance, especially at a time when the city and the province as a whole is rife with strife and fear. Not even the university and it’s students are safe. It can’t also be helped as Hibalag’s presence shines ever brighter, creeping ever closer, inviting all sorts of crowds, like moths to a flame.”
Hanz Casiple, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science I

“While they do look intimidating, their presence is much needed in order to further secure the campus. The extra security is also for us Sillimanians to have a worry-free Hibalag.”
Ben Nadzimer Bensali, Senior Highschool Grade 12 HUMSS


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