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How would you feel if the city-wide curfew affects Hibalag 2019?

Compiled by Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | Web Manager

Vol. XCI No. 2 — Aug. 7, 2019

“There has always been a 10pm city-wide curfew in effect, this does not exclude SU and any of its activities for that matter. So, Hibalag has always been affected. It is worth noting that before 10pm, Hibalag organizers remind the public (esp. Minors) of the said curfew, this has been the practice. If there is a modified curfew (which I do not have any idea of… my bad) set by the city, then Hibalag will have to adjust.”
Abe P. Cadeliña, Silliman University Faculty

“As much as I would hate to see it come to that, I would have to say safety over everything.”
Daryl Robinson, MA Psychology Major in Counseling Psychology, First Year

“Adjust the time and activities. If it is for the safety and well being of everyone, why not. It won’t be like that every Hibalag anyways. What’s a lil sacrifice for now. Founders day spirit will always be there regardless.”
Shaun M. Macahis, Silliman University Alumnus


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