Monday, June 24, 2024

“Are you in favor of the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel that is given to legislators for localized projects?”

Compiled by Nectarina Catada

“I am indeed in favor in the abolition of the pork barrel. What’s happening in our country in majority is that the one’s who are holding these funds are the one’s who are getting filthy rich, distributing a small amount of what’s left of the funds which isn’t even enough for a single project for the local community.”Daniel John F. Quinol, BS Office Management- II

“I would rather prefer the PDA F be improved rather than being abolished and being replaced with something that could possibly be the same. The Pork Barrel scandal is not a sign to abolish it, rather it is a sign that we need to improve it. It has a lot of potential, the only problem we have are the legislators who are corrupt. We should do stricter implementation and have better transparency.” Pol Eldrige C. Caluscusan, BSPT-I

“I’m not in favor of abolishing the PDA F. Instead it should only be reformed. If PDA F is abolished, the legislators who do their job well will be affected. Local budgets are not enough that is why there are REPRESENTAT IVES. Why should we abolish it if we are the ones who voted for the legislators who don’t know how to use their PDA F?” Herv Martelle Z. Apsay, BS Agribusiness-II 

“Yes, I am in favor of that because I don’t think that our country’s economy would develop if we have corrupt leaders. I think we have to know where the taxes that we pay should go and it should not be in the pockets of the legislators.” Fearn Anne R. Acibo, High School, 4th Year



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