Saturday, May 25, 2024

“What can you say about this year’s Founders Week Celebration?”

to their Alma mater. It is also is a fun-filled week for the students who do not have school work
piled up.”
Genese Lozada, BS-BIO III

“This year would be a big event to Silliman University. It is not the usual event here in the campus, but this would be the first Tipon year here in Dumaguete. Much exciting activities are coming. Totally this would be a big blast to all Sillimanians.”
Bharkis C. Kasing, BS ENTREP – I

“Fun, just like when I was in 1st year. It is usually the weather that plays a role on Founder’s Week celebration…”
Niwatchai Peter Hueysuwan, BSMT-III

“I’m very proud of this year’s Founders Celebration because organizers were able to pull everything off considering the fact that most of us only had limited time and a tight budget to build a booth.”
Suzmita Villegas, BMC-III


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