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“What can you say about the possible increase of tuition fee in the university this June 2018?”

It’s okay to increase as long as we see the improvements or any projects. But if they increase just for their own benefit, it’s unfair. We, students, are not all rich, we have other priorities, and it is burdensome on the part of our parents who have to pay not only the high prices of commodities but also our tuition. I’ve been here in Silliman since high school, and even if we expressly don’t agree with this, they will still increase our tuition.
Jeanette P. Buling, BBA Management – III

I think that they should not increase it because some people can’t afford, like me, our parents are working hard and they suddenly increased the tuition fee, why would they even increase the tuition fee? Gipangkwartahan rata?
Franz Erick Aguilar Consing, BS in Mechanical Engineering – II

With the increase in tuition fee, I think every Sillimanian should be informed of how this breaks down to what they actually pay for. Everyone deserves to have the confidence to know whether what they are paying for is actually worth.
Kyle Shem G. Montealto, BS in Computer Engineering- V

The tuition fee as of now is quite high already in my own personal view. If this increase is made possible, one problem would be that parents in the middle class would have a great burden in sustaining their monthly/yearly financial budget. As a student, I think it is of greater priority for
the president or any high ranking supervisor in the university to understand the situation and think every possible process.
Clifford R. Cuerpo, BS Biology-IV

This is unfortunate; however, it is expected especially with the new TRAIN law. We just have to wait and see what happens and accept the decisions being made just as long as it is for the better. My question for you is, doesn’t it increase every year?
Ace Vincent Timtim, BS Physical Theraphy- IV


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