Friday, June 21, 2024

“How can Silliman help in solving the growing garbage problem of Dumaguete City?”

In my opinion, students should be educated first because they are the future generation. As I’ve seen, some don’t even care if their trash are properly segregated in the trash bins.
Jose Mari Pileo Ricardo BS in Computer Engineering-V

For me, through proper education; with proper education and information dissemination, all good things will branch out. If more people are well informed, more can help to hopefully minimize or even prevent at most the growth of garbage here in Dumaguete City. I really do think that with that, we can help save the environment with respect to the growing population.
Daniel Mari L. Badon, BS in Biology-IV

Silliman, being a well known and respected institution, can help promote cleanliness by having regular clean-up drives so that the institution may set an example and hopefully encourage others to join the clean-up drives as well.
Carmela L. Sindiong, Grade 12-STEAM

Silliman can donate garbage cans to Dumaguete City because as I have observed, garbage cans are barely seen here unlike in other cities/municipalities.
Precel Faye V. Guerrero BS in Information and Technology-III


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