Saturday, April 13, 2024

“What is your reaction to the pronouncement of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez that Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson will run for 2019 senatorial seat?”

Mocha’s outspoken characteristic is commendable but I don’t think offering her a position in the senate would be best for our country since a senator’s job, aside from populace representation, is to create laws for the welfare of everybody and I think she represents not a lot of those who are in actual need of the government’s help.
Paula Izzabela F. Estoy, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy – III

The people we choose to lead us are the people we give power to, and this reflects the kind of people we are, the society we live in, the culture we are creating, and the country we leave behind for our children.
Sol De Castro, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology – IV

Even though as an individual she has a right to run for the senatorial position as announced, but the thing is, does she have the qualifications to be one? I don’t doubt her being a blogger. It’s her hobby after all. Being a senator is different. Being popular on the net is not enough to guarantee her position as a senator.
Haji B. Apurado, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy -III

I think its bad because she’s not deserving of the position.
Jeanne Duazo, Bachelor of Mass Communication- I


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