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Sillimanians Speak
Sillimanians Speak

“Do you think that videos like the AMALAYER incident deserve to be sensationalized over the Internet?”

“No. Certainly, most people would never want to be in the position where their worst moments are caught on cam. One thing I’m certain of is that we should never be in a position to judge any person, whether if he/she is a celebrity or just your average citizen. We’re ordinary people who make mistakes. We really don’t know the AMALAYER girl that much. We don’t know what really happened that made her lash out at the security guard like that. Maybe she lashed out because she felt the security guard wronged her in some way. Maybe she was having a bad day that day and took it out on someone who probably made it worse. Who knows?”
Irene Frances Mae Cabrera, JD I

“No, that video does not deserve to be spread out in the Internet because not only does it destroy the reputation of the one involved, but it also destroys the reputation of the video sender. Yes, the Amalayer girl may have raised her voice, but it does not need to be captured on video, nor uploaded and spread it like wildfire. There was an issue, yes, but it can be solved within the people involved. That video sender is embarrassing because he showed us how to lower one’s self just to embarrass another.”
Rene Maverick B. Martinez, BSPT III

“Yes, because she was in a public place. She had no ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’. It’s a lesson. You can never go wrong if you treat guards and other people with respect. Respect and be respected back.”
Mac Edsel Florendo, BMC II

“No, because the video is a total non-sense. It only displays the wrong acts of man. And besides, cyber bullying should be stopped man sad.  It’s a form of cyber bullying. It may have happened in a public place but people should have just minded their own business. In the case of the Amalayer video, the conflict that arose between the guard and the student need not have public scrutiny in the form of the Internet because it could have been settled by the LRT management and staff only.”
Yamee Escobia, BSN IV


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