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“What do you think about the University Christian Life Emphasis Month? Would you prefer going back to celebrating it in one week (UCLEW)?”

“I’d prefer going back to the UCLEW rather than the UCLEM because the students would recognize it and appreciate it for a short period of time. Also because, it would have the same purpose even if we celabrate it in a long period of time.” Reina Vida Baldado, Grade 8

“I think the only difference between UCLEM and UCLEW is the schedule of activities where in three or four activities are not scheduled in a single day. So, I guess this is good since the activities don’t affect the schedule of classes. As a student, I don’t need to attend a series of required activities. So I’ll go for UCLEM.”
DM Narciso, BMC III

“I think the University Christian Life Emphasis Month is more preferable than celebrating it weekly because a person’s faith and spirit depends on him/her and besides that, students won’t come in convos due to other important business. So doing it weekly would be useless.”
Ma. Jericka Padayhag, BSN III

“I think, it would be better it would go back to the old UCLEW because there is a tendecy that few students will attend the mid week service and other church related activities since it’s a month long celebration and it would only be taken for granted.”
Mae Ann Piñero, BBA Economics III


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