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“Are you in favor of death penalty and lowering the age of criminal liability?”

“I am in opposition to death penalty. I believe it has no place in today’s modern world. Our world today is built by reason and restraint, there is no place for this barbaric punishment to linger. We should focus on justice and the certainty of apprehension of these criminal acts. Lastly our justice system is still imperfect and therefore it does not have the right to condemn people to execution.

I am against the discernment on lowering the age of criminal liability for it needs further research on it’s negative perspective and it is still subjected to further debate.”

Ronnie Rodeth B. Lerasan,  Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology III


“No. I am not in favor of death penalty but I am in favor of criminal liability to teenagers. As to death penalty, I believe that if there’s something I can do, then I have to do it. I think we all deserve a second chance. Death may not be the immediate remedy for doing unlawful acts. Meanwhile, criminal liability might be appropriate so as not to abuse the privilege of minors not to be liable for unlawful acts. Using them as instruments have been prevalent and it’s quite alarming. Something must be done.”

Lyca D. Locario,  Bachelor of Science in Accountancy III



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