Sunday, May 26, 2024

“What are your expectations under the Duterte Administration?”

“I expect less corruption. Not in 6 months, but in the span of six years. I expect that the Philippines will be a better place, and that the Filipino people will work together for a good administration.”

Jarrah Sophia B. Saile, Bachelor of Mass Communication IV


“I expect that the administration will maintain peace and order by constant discipline among his constituents.”

Cherubim Joy A. Sunga, Bachelor of Science in Education I


“I expect radical changes to happen in law enforcement, the government, and the economy which might be shocking to us as Duterte works on fulfilling his promises.”

Gem K. Yuson, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy III


“I expect that the administration will eradicate all drug-related things. Also clean and honest due process.”

Jone C. Orlina, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  IV



Next Issue’s Question:

“Are you in  favor of death penalty and lowering the age of criminal liability?”


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