Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sillimanians Speak


Compiled by Lizbeth Mae  B. Andaya


“If you will become the SUSG president next school year, what will be the first concern or issue that you will address?”


“The active participation of the students in every event in the campus even without the need of requiring them. Not just to enjoy but learn something out of it.”

Neil Umbac, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy III


“Gather other students’ concerns and what they want for the development of the school’s facilities for us to have a better place to study.”

Tae Kyung Lee, Bachelor of Mass Communication II



“If I will become the SUSG president next school year, my first concern is to listen, listen to the student body, hear their problems and complains. In this way, I can address these concerns. To lead is to give empowerment to the student body. It may be hard but it can be effective. Well, that is in my own point of view.”

Paul Bantilan, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering II



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