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Sillimanianspeaks“Do you think most athletes displayed sportsmanship during the intramurals week? Why or Why not?”  



Compiled by Lizbeth Mae  B. Andaya

“Yes. If they didn’t there would be chaos around the campus until now.”

Meagan Catrice Montesa, Bachelor of Science in Biology IV



“Not only the athletes, but also the supporters.”
Marco Alessandro Montesa, Bachelor of Science in Psychology II

“I do not know in other games but in our event, yes! There is no referee so the spirit of sportsmanship is used to maintain fair play in ultimate frisbee.”
Camille Soledad, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering III

“Most did but some obviously didn’t. Basig kulang sila tulog atong gabii before the game or nag celebrate silag sayo nga abi nilag mudaog sila. Pero wala diay!”
Jesser Gail Pinote, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering III


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