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Sillimanians Speak: What do you think of Rodrigo Duterte’s sudden decision to bid for presidency?

I think Duterte’s reconsideration for presidency is a good move since he has already proven himself in Davao; however, he should not use Poe’s citizenship issue as an excuse for his sudden decision to join the presidential race-he should run in pursuit of CHANGE.

CARYL A. CASULOC-AN, Bachelor of Science in Education –II


I’m not surprised. After all, his ‘Pabebe’ actions and his supporters’ ‘Duterte Serye’ are all part of his creative political strategy.

Jeck G. Tirambulo, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness – III


I don’t think Duterte’s decision to bid for presidency is sudden. What’s his point in traveling around the country and visiting universities then rant about the discrepancies of our country and comparing it to Davao (of which of course he is reigning)? He is just using Poe as an excuse for him to run. Stop fooling people, if you want to run- then say it! Don’t merry-go-round the country convincing people about this and that and afterwards left those hanging by saying you don’t like the country’s highest position. Wag kang paasa at wag kang Pabebe!

Julien Marie S. Piñero, Mass Communication II


It was a smart move since he knows what would happen to those who quickly gave their decision to run. They were all bashed and was given cases that were all out of stupidity and clearly showed crab mentality among Filipinos.

Sheene Imm Uy Paredes BS Medical Technology II



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