Friday, June 21, 2024

Sillimanians Speak:What are your expectations for the Second Semester?

I expect for a better university life, I expect a very good and honest student government.

-Christian Dominic Futalan, Bachelor of Mass Communication II

As a graduating student, I expect this semester to be the hardest but I also expect that it will be the best. It is my last sem and I should cherish my last moments here in Silliman.

-Hilario Kiril Gomez, Bachelor of Science in Physics  IV

I’m expecting a healthier Silliman environment of happiness and peace.

-Pros Julienne Gayo, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy III

My expectation this 2nd semester is for all my subjects to be challenging to the point where I can really say that I did learn something not just because I listened attentively or have taken notes, but because I have studied my subjects in advance in order to engage in a substantive discussion with my professor. At the end of the day, a lesson is better formed if a person can fully discuss what he understood with other people.

-LJ Zaphan Lamboloto, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy II



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