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What are your thoughts on Silliman Hotspot?

Compiled by Charles Leslie Jun J. Sido | tWS Social Media & Web Manager

[Vol. XCV | Issue No. 5] September 22, 2023

“As of now, it’s not efficiently working. It does not cater all of the students here and I think it should be improved din sa internet connection.”

Hannah | College of Arts and Sciences, Biology-II

“Silliman Hotspot is definitely very useful especially for us that have a lot to research on but right now where it cannot be used by us, it is very difficult to get in touch with other people when we always use the hotspot and rely on the hotspot.”

Justine | Senior High School, STEAM-11

“I think it’s very slow for me because I’m actually a transferee from Foundation University and its quite different for me because there’s a lot of students here in Silliman and it’s kinda overloading.”

Aaron | College of Arts and Sciences, Political Science-II

“It’s convenient when some students need wifi and if there are activities on mySOUL but it’s also a bit inconvenient whenever there’s a disruption and there’s an activity to be done on mySOUL, some students don’t have data to be able to access.”

Kiara | College of Computer Studies, Computer Science-I

“Ang Silliman Hotspot recently is dili mi ka access. Among password kay incorrect siya.” 

Jan | Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Technology 

“Pabilisan pa please! I second the motion kase di ko ka connect sa Silliman Hotspot, dili ma work akong ID Number”

Hyacinth & Hessah | Senior High School, STEAM-11


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