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In one word, describe your council fee.

Compiled by Charles Leslie Jun J. Sido | tWS Social Media & Web Manager

[Vol. XCV | Issue No. 4] September 15, 2023

“I can say that the council fee is mahal but okay ra, I think worth it ra siya.”

Hannah | College of Nursing

“I can say that the council fee right now is reasonable.”

Nica | College of Arts and Sciences

“One way I [can] describe my council fee is balance. Unlike before nga naay t-shirt na included, karon kay it is optional, so dili ra kaayo mi ma hussle mo bayad.

Robert | College of Engineering and Designs

“I would describe the council fee as expensive but it is understandable, because of the different parties and occasions that we are going to handle and the future events.“

Renz | College of Engineering and Designs

“Our council fee is reasonable, because makita ra man namo kung asa padulong.”

Joe Anthony | Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

“It is appropriate, It’s not too much and not too little. It’s just right to accommodate everything for the entire school year.”

Angelo | College of Computer Studies 

Even though bag-o pa mi aning mga fees sa mga council medjo sakit, but I think it’s justifiable ra man siya and given na nanghatag sila ug mga activities na puwede buhaton.

Sofia | College of Business Administration

“One word that I can describe my council fee is that it is beneficial, in the sense that we need the council fee in order for us to pursue our programs here in CAS, especially here in CAS that we are the biggest college. And of course, to have better programs and events we need [a] bigger budget, that is why I say that the council fee is extremely beneficial not only to the students but to the university as well.”

Franz | College of Arts and Sciences


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