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What is Hibalag to you?

Compiled by Charles Leslie Jun J. Sido | tWS Social Media & Web Manager

[Vol. XCV | Issue No. 2] August 25, 2023

I think Hibalag is a place and time where I can fully express myself without having the hassle of waking up really early because I can just go whenever I want.

Gab | School of Public Affairs and Governance

Hibalag for me is [a] university effort. Tanan diri mga college ga butang gyud sa ilang booth, gi pachadaan, chada mga gimmicks, so it’s a fun experience.”

Cyan | College of Nursing

Hibalag is where people [gather] and where us college students enjoy and socialize with one another. It’s giving like the colors and fun parties, and it’s a once in a lifetime experience that every Sillimanian should get.

Angel | Nutrition and Dietetics

For me, Hibalag is a perfect time to procrastinate. I think Hibalag is a great procrastination season and this is a time when people can really let go of their big troubles and responsibilities temporarily and enjoy the season. There might be people stressing out right now with so many duties and such, and I say to them: Procrastinate, for a bit, and enjoy the moment, ‘cause Hibalag doesn’t last forever.

Sheikha | College of Computer Studies

“Hibalag is the chance to find cute boys. Hibalag is all about getting together with friends after summer break, especially after not seeing them for three months, and you know, having a little bit of fun before hell.”

Maan Eusebio | College of Engineering and Designs

I am a ComSo member, so for me Hibalag may be one of the most tiring and stressful days in my years here in Silliman. But actually, despite all that, it’s very memorable, and being able to see the process and the effort that goes behind Hibalag makes me want to encourage people to please come to Hibalag. It’s really worth coming especially sa amoang freshman and people from Dumaguete since Hibalag is open for all now—anyone can come in. So please come visit the booths, all Sillimanians have put effort here, especially sa mga organizations nato. They gave so much effort so it’s worth coming.

Katrina | College of Mass Communication

Hibalag, for me, used to be fun late nights. But now it’s stress and late nights. But also I think Hibalag, by heart, is a week where sige ta’g inom.

Szymon | Institute of Clinical Laboratories Sciences

Hibalag for me is the perfect time to get my best, sexiest, and most dress code breaking outfit on.

Pauline | College of Nursing


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