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What is your most controversial opinion about Silliman University?

Compiled by Charles Leslie Jun J. Sido | tWS Social Media & Web Manager

[Vol. XCV | Issue No. 1] August 18, 2023

“Daghan daw gwapo sa engineering, unya daghang gwapa sa medtech.”

Eunice Pacot | Institute of Clinical Laboratories Sciences

“As a mass communication student, I wish there was more representation for
smaller colleges and smaller departments, especially during big events. I wish we
[got] to be seen more and participate more.”

Genno Rabaya | College of Mass Communication

“Silliman University puts on such a big show with art and the art scene, but I hope
they open more scholarships that are portfolio-based and open courses that cater to
other forms of art like fashion [and] multimedia, so that Sillimanians who pursue
the Arts and Design track can still continue their education here.”

Anonymous | School of Public Affairs and Governance

“So I’m just gonna relate this to being a dormer since I was a dormer in Grade 12.
Everyone should experience the dorm life at least once. Even though, you know,
not everyone will be a fan of dorm food—the dorm experience is worth it.”

Rosemarie Wegener | College of Business Administration


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