Friday, June 21, 2024

“Can you feel the Christmas season already?”

Somehow, there is shortage in our Christmas Spirit due to the fact that we (Sillimanians) are barred from having a Christmas party. We understand that the Philippines is still under the trauma of Yolanda but cutting back the smiles brought by a Christmas party is just plain sad.
Edcarl R. Cagandahan, AB Polsci-II

Not yet, I will probably feel the Christmas season after prelims week.
Marla Jan L.Parungao, BSPT-I

Yes. Here are the longer nights and shorter days. That very cool breeze every night and these countless people telling me not to forget about their gifts.
Camille Lozada, BSMT-I

Yes. I can feel the Christmas season already especially this morning as I attended the Aguinaldo Mass.
Angelica Cindy Kamille Rahiol, BSN-II



Compiled by Nectarina Catada


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