Friday, June 21, 2024

“Do you think sportsmanship was displayed by most athletes during the intramurals week? Why or why not ?”

“No. I don’t think the athletes showcased sportsmanship in this year’s Intrams. I am saying this because I’ve seen players trying to hurt their opponents. I’m not generalizing everyone but the thing is, they play for the sake of winning, and winning alone. ”
Princess Claire Lumapguid, MC-III

“I think the athletes haven’t. As Sillimanians we have to be stewards of sportsmanship not just during the whole intramural games but even after. Sad to say, we missed the whole point of holding these kinds of events. ”
Argie Victor Gadiana, BA MGT IV

“Yes, I believe that the athletes are well aware of the word “sportsmanship” and they have been showing that during the Intrams. They have achieved the goal of further honing and developing their skills and talents which God has given them.”
Bruce A. Duran BEEd – General Education III

“From what I’ve observed, I’m proud to say that my fellow Sillimanians have shown sportsmanship especially in Frisbee where players were honest with their calls and settled their own arguments since there was no referee present. ”
Catt Lea S. Luistro, BS Accountancy IV

Compiled by Nectarina Catada


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