Saturday, May 25, 2024

Give Me Space

by Lea Katrina Canizares | May 1, 2023

In campus, there’s a battle we fight, 

A struggle for spots, day and night. 

We circle the lot, eyes on the prize,

A spot that’s close, oh what a surprise!

The competition is fierce, it’s a race, 

To claim a spot, to find our place. 

We dodge other cars and pedestrians too,

Hoping to score a spot, it’s all we can do.

We’ll wait for someone to leave the space, 

And rush to fill it, at a quick pace.

But sometimes we’re too late, it’s already taken, 

And we’re forced to keep on searching, our hearts shaken.

It’s a never-ending battle, it seems, 

or a coveted spot, to fulfill our dreams. 

But in the end, we’ll find a place to park, 

And feel a sense of victory, a little spark.

So let’s laugh, make light of this plight, 

A shared struggle, a daily fight. 

We’ll keep circling, but we won’t give in, 

For a parking spot in Silliman, we’ll always win!


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