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by Kristhel Hannah Baluarte | January 20, 2021

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You’re not giving up
Nor will I give in
These tiny battles of ours will turn into a war
Two lovers in the ends of a warzone

Petty arguments
Little fights
Bickering, being at each other’s throats
Agreeing then disagreeing

A war of words and emotions
Careless mistakes
Disguised anger
Sheer jealousy
Little white lies

Relationships aren’t quintessential in nature
Never completely free from faults
Frailty hidden between corners
Achilles heel waiting to be ascertain

All these flaws
Like tiny fragments of a broken glass
Never dare to sweep it under the rug, pick it up
Such imperfections weight the fragility of humans

So we fight off these little flaws and faults
Truthfully, these are just naked truths of ourselves
β€˜Cause honey, nobody’s perfect

Love stories then and now
Aren’t meant to radiate our imperfections
What would happen then to all our perfects?
Little as they may be too, they will fade away


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