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BG clears the Flooding issue

By Kristine Felva P. Licup

Sudden down pour brought about by tropical storm Zoraida last Nov. 12 caused floods in some parts of the Silliman University
campus, rendering roads to classrooms impassable.
Dina Wong-Remoto, a teacher at the College of Business Administration, was at the Ausejo Hall (AH) when the rain started pouring. She was about to go to her next class at the Mary Marquis Smith Hall (MMS) when she discovered that the water at the back of the AH building was above ankle level.
She had no choice but to wade through the flood.
“If it’s always like that during heavy rains, there’s a possibility that students, even teachers, cannot attend their classes,” she said.
She added that the university “has to do something about this.”
But Buildings and Grounds (BG) Department Superintendent Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga said what happened was “not what we call a flood, it is a natural occurrence that there is water build up inside canals because unless there is build-up, the water cannot flow,” Ygnalaga said.
He added that another contributing factor to the water overflow was the intensity of the rain itself.
“The rate of the rainfall was too much for the capacity of the canal drainage,” he said.
Ygnalaga also said the university drainage system is “okay” but in case of flooding incidents in the future, students and teachers must report them directly to BG for immediate action.
“If they find the office too far, the guardhouses at the Cafeteria and Langheim [near the College of Business Administration] are equipped with telephones. They can just call us,” he added.
Ygnalaga also stressed the importance of knowing the university department’s local telephone numbers.
“It’s better if you know the numbers of the departments, especially social services like the Buildings and Grounds so you can immediately call us,” he said.
He moreover encouraged faculty and students to report to them any problem they think can be potentially dangerous.

BG’s local number is 400




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