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CCTV fails to record another theft

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

On No v. 5, a P2,000 bike was stolen inside the Silliman University campus.
With no eyewitnesses except a CCTV camera installed a few meters from where he parked his bike, sophomore accountancy student, Emilio Tecson, went to the Public Assistance and Security Office (PASO) to check the video recording.
But to his surprise, there was no video recording to check. He found out the camera was not even functioning during the incident. This was not the first CCTV camera malfunction that failed to record a theft.
Last year, on Nov. 19, a P90,000 bike parked at one of the racks inside the campus was also stolen.
Like Tecson, law student, Earl Magbanua,did not get to check any footage due to a camera breakdown.
Eventually, however, Magbanua’sbike was returned to himwithout CCTV help, while PASO said it would improve its security services.
PASO explains Seven CCTV cameras were purchased from Ace Logic last June 2012.
They are located at the School of Basic Education—one each at the elementary and high school buildings, Early Childhood area, Langheim Road, Laguna gate and the cafeteria gate. Dr. Nichol Elman, PASO chief, said he cannot explain the reason for the malfunction.
“On the technical terms, we really don’t know about it. However, the incident that happened is under investigation and we already submitted incidental report about it.” he said.
Elman added that CCTV cameras are checked “from time to time.” Cooperation needed “We don’t have a perfect system.  But we will try our best to provide the best assistance and security to the university.” Elman said.
He also asked the students to be responsible with their personal belongings.
“We are just human beings and we cannot do this on our own.” he said.
Rooms for improvement To enhance the security system in the university, Elman said he is planning to raise concerns such as
the bike theft to the administration for policy reconsideration.
“Maybe it’s high time that the university should have a new rule, wherein all bikes, just like motorcycles, should also be registered to the student personnel.” Elman said.
As for Tecson, he suggested that the university should make sure that the CCTV is working always as well as inform students on what they can do, especially in theft cases. “Let the CCTV be student friendly.  As soon as someone loses something, students should
be able to review recordings and there should be proper procedures on what they can do so they are guided,” he said.


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