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CHED visits SU for ocular inspection, F2F classes expected to start once approved

by Hannah Patricia Abril | April 21, 2021

A joint team from the Commission of Higher Education and Inter-Agency Task Force visited the campus for an ocular inspection for the approval of face-to-face classes for the Silliman University medical and allied health programs last Thursday, April 15.

The inspection team was composed of Dr. Jogi Rivamonte, CHED Regional Supervisor for the allied health and medical sciences programs, Dr. Socrates Villamor, Provincial Chief of the Department of Health in Negros Oriental, Dr. Ma. Sarah Tala, Dumaguete City Health Officer, and some of the city health officials.

The team inspected the campus buildings areas, specifically where face-to-face engagements are most likely to happen such as the Angelo King Hall for the Institute of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences and Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences, the Silliman University Medical School building, College of Nursing buildings, and other common areas such as the library, cafeteria, etc.

Photo credits: Silliman University Facebook Page

According to Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Earl Jude Cleope, the team gave recommendations to each specific program during the ocular inspections and the results are expected to be released this week.

“The recommendations were already given to the specific programs, but the result will probably be transmitted in the next few days. Because the supervisor will still have to collate and then go back to the region,” said the VPAA in an interview last Friday. 

He added, “We also need to work on the recommendations of the team so that we will be compliant. These recommendations will have to be complied with because the local team will also check whether we really complied with their recommendations.”

Dr. Cleope shared that once the university receives the approval, the limited face-to-face classes will commence for the medical and allied health program students, practicing careful rotation of the students. 

We really want our students to have a real hands-on experience before they will be sent out to the field to become professionals… You have to remember that it’s not an easy job to prepare for all the things and all the requirements but we owe it to them,” Dr. Cleope ended.


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