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SU concludes first-ever Etrams, Med School bags overall championships

By Leander Palalon | March 13, 2021

The Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) bags overall championship in Etramurals 2021, College of Business Administration (CBA), and the College of Engineering and Design (CED) declared as first and second runner-ups, respectively last April 9 during the virtual awarding ceremony.

With a total score of 51 points, SUMS celebrates its first-ever overall championship in its 15 years of existence.

SUMS Governor Cedrick Antiquina shares, “We feel like we have made history for the Medical School and its students. As post-graduate students, we did not expect that we would clinch a spot in this year’s Etramurals, but by the grace of God, we did.”

The SUMS students admit that they faced challenges early in their preparation for this year’s Etramurals. They had to manage their time well by balancing both studies and their practices for the sports. 

“In the face of all these hardships, I and the rest of the players of the SUMS pulled through,” said Rheymer Lusdoc, MedSchool’s Among Us MVP. 

The College of Business Administration was awarded first-runner up during this year’s Etramurals, garnering an overall of 44 points. 

“This year’s intramurals was a fun, innovative, unique, and well-planned event,” said CBA Governor Elennie Miro, extending her thanks to the committees that made this possible, and congratulated SUMS on their win.

With 38 points, CED achieves second-runner up, followed by the Senior High School for third-runner up with 31 points. 

For one week, the colleges and departments of SU displayed their excitement and sportsmanship through online means, such as changing their Facebook profile pictures with frames and cheering for their respective players through comments and posts.

The event, spearheaded by the SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee and the university’s Physical Education Department, started on April 5, 2021. The Etramurals was the solution presented by the committee to bypass the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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