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SUSG Sports comm to hold dry runs and simulations for 2021 University ‘Etramurals’

By Ian Zane T. Esparaga | March 10, 2021

The SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee and the University Athletics and PE Department are gearing up for the first-ever Etramural Games that will be held from April 5 to 9.

The Etramurals, a portmanteau for electronic and intramurals, was organized in place of the annual face-to-face Intramural games that will feature various virtual platforms, technology, and e-sports.

According to SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee Chairperson, Robbie Hascoet, the change in the traditional set-up does not mean that the usual Intramural spirit will not be felt. This will provide new recreational opportunities to the students and an opportunity to make the presence of the esports community grow.

Among the events that will be played are Online Live Takyan, Among Us, Online Chess, Mobile Legends, Valorant, Departmental Cheering Competition, Virtual Run, and Call of Duty Mobile. The Silliman Virtual Run, however, will not be affecting the overall point system of the participating department or college as per the guidelines.

Aside from the events mentioned, Hascoet shared that the University Athletics and PE Department also added the Virtual Dancesport Competition in the line-up of games.

Since all the games will be held virtually, the Sports and Recreation committee were also bracing for possible violations and hocus-pocus scenarios. The committee assured that preparations have been made to assure everyone of just and fair Etramurals.

“This is one of the major concerns that the committee is tackling because the possibility of cheating in this setting is really high. But, strict guidelines have been implemented and constant dry runs of the events and games have also been made and are still being made,” Hascoet said.

She also barred that a plan is already being set to hold a simulation for all the players from the different colleges and departments before the actual Etramurals to oversee and finalized the event.

As one of the highly anticipated staple events of the university, the Sports and Recreation Committee Chair encouraged everyone to participate in this year’s festivities despite these trying times. 

“Yes, it is going to be very different but we hope that that [difference] will be something unforgettable and a great experience for everyone. Everyone is a part of this event, gamer or not, e-sports fan or not. The games make up the entire event, but it is the students who complete it.”

She also added that it is the best time for everyone to unite and bring the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, competence, character, and faith.


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