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SUSG Health Comm to host #LetsTalkAboutSex Webinar

By Kevin Alaban | February 26, 2021

‘Let’s talk about sex’,,’ said the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Health Committee as they promote their webinar on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health happening tomorrow, February 27.

Red Project: Let’s Talk about Sex is the main highlight of the SUSG Health Committee’s monthlong campaign discussing topics associated with HIV/AIDS and sexual health.

Commonly regarded as a taboo topic, the committee aims to educate people and spread awareness “in order for people to be informed and educated about the subject.” The committee also emphasizes “valid facts and information, and not with [just] senseless hearsays.”

Made originally as advocacy for Ms. Silliman 2019, former Ms. Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Kyla Sarita’s RED project is now in partnership with SUSG Health Committee.   

“The RED project basically means to refute the misconceptions about HIV and AIDS, educate the masses, and disseminate valid information. This definition alone encapsulates the aim of the committee and the project. Through R.E.D. project principles, the SUSG Health Committee aims to spread awareness regarding HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and reproductive health,” Kyla Sarita, Co-chairperson of the SUSG Health Committee, said.

“This matter is extremely relevant in our society nowadays,” Sarita explained when asked about the relevance of the webinar’s topic. “The lack of formal discussion regarding sex leaves most young people, even adults, ignorant of the dangers of sex if not practiced safely. Being uninformed, or worse – being misinformed, is one of the most massive reasons why issues regarding Sex still are rampant,” she added.

Moreover, the committee aims to clear one of the common misconceptions when people read the title of the webinar. Danielle Navarro, the co-chair of the Health Committee, said the “activity was not formulated to favor any age group nor take sides in terms of opposing principles.” 

Photo courtesy of SUSG Health Committee

The committee hopes to spread awareness to anyone with willing ears, and “reach the hearts of both the young and the old.”

Despite the criticisms the committee received due to the title choice, they are still pushing through as “this is what the Health Committee wants – we demand that people start giving attention to such a relevant yet, ironically, rarely discussed topic, we want people to start talking about sex and view it through an unbiased and objective, scientific and ethical perspective.”

The committee also assured that the webinar will not rebrand sex nor promote premarital sex, rather promote “an open, formal and professional discussion regarding sex to avoid the problems that arise from unresolved ignorance and speculative curiosity.”

“There is more to sex than just intercourse and this webinar wants to address issues surrounding this topic,” the Health Committee chairs added.

In partnership with the Medical Technology Society and Silliman University Medical Students Association, the webinar will highlight Leo Teophane Sinco, registered medical technologist and current faculty from the Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Julian San Diego, a registered nurse as the webinar’s speakers. 


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