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No classes for all at the end of March.

by Francis Ryan Pabiania | February 24, 2021

There will be no classes for all levels by the last week of March for the second semester, according to a memorandum issued by the office of Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The memorandum, dated last February 17, declared that March 22 to 26 is an “Institutional Screen Break” for the second semester of School Year 2020-2021. 

The memorandum stated that “e-learners” are expected to be away from synchronous and asynchronous sessions: required learning assignments, learning outputs, and among others. All scheduled deadlines on the said dates will be also extended as determined by teachers. 

Meanwhile, Silliman University Student Government President Jose Paolo Echavez said that he appreciated that the institutionalization of the memorandum was done without an ‘explicit clamor.’ 

He added that the fatigue experienced among students is ‘very real and is building up.’ 

“This break is also reassuring; reassuring in the sense that the administration is considering the wellbeing of the faculty and the students. This reminds us that we are being listened to and that our thoughts matter,” he said. 

The memorandum came after it was discussed during the Deans Conference and upon the University President Betty McCann’s approval. 

The memorandum was already disseminated to respective colleges’ deans and directors.


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