Sunday, May 26, 2024

New info office makes SU accessible

by Elana Joy Bartlett

A NEW INFORMATION office has been erected in place of what once was a waiting shed situated near the Katipunan Hall.

The office will be manned by campus ambassadors, to answer inquiries about the school.
“There is no other office that can cater to visitors,” Engr. Edgar S. Ygnalaga, one of the project heads, said.

The original plan for the location of the office was the empty structure near the SU cafeteria because of its accessibility to the public. This spot, however, was already turned into one of the ATM branches of the Philippine National Bank.

Before the construction of the office, the waiting shed used to be a smoking area. But because of its strategic location, the administration decided to make the shed useful to the public.

The information office is only awaiting the installation of air-conditioning units.
The overall cost for construction was around P190,000 . It was designed by the SU Buildings and Grounds.


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