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SU-ND partners with Cebu Chong Hua Hospital; Unified Internship Guidelines in case to case basis

By Ian Zane T. Esparaga | February 5, 2021

Silliman University Nutrition and Dietetics (SUND) has partnered with Dumaguete City Nutrition Office and Cebu Chong Hua Hospital for their internship program this school year. 

Asst. Prof. Jin Genove, chair of SUND department, confirmed through a phone call that the students already started their professional learning experience through online distance learning last January 18 with the City Nutrition Office for Public Health Nutrition until March 9. Afterwards, a 24-day intern for Hospital Dietetics will follow through with Cebu Chong Hua Hospital. 

Photo Courtesy of Ian Zane Esparaga

Meanwhile, the unified internship guidelines for the entire university cannot be provided as it is still on a case to case basis. As of now, guidelines are subjective to each academic unit.

Silliman University Student Government President Jose Paolo Echavez said that the matter was supposed to be discussed in the dean’s conference last week.

“For university wide guidelines, they were supposed to discuss the matter in the dean’s conference last week but it was postponed to a date which I do not know. I’ve yet to ask if they’ve already convened and established guidelines,” he said.

Echavez also added that if students wish to know the guidelines, the best they can do is to consult their respective deans.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Earl Jude Cleope, who was on official leave last week has granted tWS an interview with regards to this matter but was postponed to a later date due to an emergency meeting.


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