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SUSHS Student Council prepares for ‘first of its kind’ Strand Fair, says Guv

By Ian Zane T. Esparaga | January 28, 2021

Silliman University Senior High School (SUSHS) Student Council urged their constituents to join in the SHS Strand Fair slated to start this week until May.

This year’s Strand Fair, which will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is the first of its kind according to SUSHS Governor  Enrica Marian Dinopol.

“You might be familiar with the SHS Week or the entrepreneurial activities that we had in the past. This time the SHS Strand fair is a way to raise the spirits of the students by giving them an opportunity to explore their career choices for the future while empowering them to enjoy in the present,” she said.

Enzo Miguel Kho, Grade 11 Humss & Arts and Design Mayor highlighted the idea of finding potentials during this pandemic where opportunities are limited.

“To get involve and be involved because only by doing so we can awaken our giants and unleash the potentials of ours,” Kho said.

Photo credits: Silliman University Senior High School

Major council events such as mental health and advocacy week, “Break The Stigma” and Leadership forum, “Project YOUnified”, target the whole SHS student body. Apart from that, each strand will be having their own webinars in which they invited resource speakers and professionals of different fields to get acquainted with the different courses they could take in college. 

“The health and science field of steam is very wide and majority of us really want health tracks so through this online event they will have a clear vision of what they really want,” Grade 12 STEAM Treasurer, Mikaella Maxine Sy told tWS.

For the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM), Grade 12 ABM Mayor Stephannee Dominise also revealed that a similar talk will also be held for their strand. A two-day seminar will focus on accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, and management. 

Meanwhile, Grade 12 HUMSS and Arts and Design Vice Mayor Kerrv Yap shared that they will tackle the misconceptions on their strand in a career exposure forum. “Sometimes people would join in HUMSS because they say it’s easy or they still don’t have any idea what to do. We thought of this event to teach them and get them more informed about the courses they can enroll in college.” 

All strands also made an effort to socialize with the grade 11 students that were not yet able to see their fellow strandmates physically because of the pandemic.

“We want to focus more on events or activities that would promote unity or interaction among the steam population since that’s what they believe were lacking,” Grade 11 STEAM Mayor, Ashley Simone Teves reiterated. 


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