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SUSG Sports Committee launches Online Sports Tournament

By Deogracia William Bemida | January 21, 2021

The SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee will launch an online sports tournament open to all enrolled Silliman students on January 29-31. 

Seeing the booming popularity of online games, the committee partnered with AcadArena, AcadArena Etrams, and Globe for this year’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang year opener tournament.

Photo courtesy of SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee

“I expect that this event will help students meet their new friends,” Ryan Inoferio Mapoy, head of the SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee said. “This will be a place for them to enjoy and have fun despite this trying time.” 

The committee said the Mobile Legends (ML) online game is the most feasible, practical, and relatable experience they can provide to the students. 

To ensure fair play and a smooth sailing tournament, the committee will build a trained tournament marshal team. They will release a set of guidelines this week, containing each player’s rules and preparations.

The winners of the tournament will receive a total of 3000 diamond prize, the in-game currency of Mobile Legends BangBang (MLBB) used for purchasing skins, battle emotes, and gifts.  

The committee added that many have already registered to date, and slots are still open for those who wish to join. 

“We recommend that students join this tournament as this will also likely serve as an avenue for the different departments to scout players for the scheduled Intramurals and a chance to represent our organization to an AcadArena MLBB tournament,” the Sports Committee stated.

The tournament will serve as a perfect avenue for students to get together, meet new friends, and ignite a healthy competitive esports while giving them a sense of nostalgia and a chance to look back on their fun memories with last school years’ face to face ML tournament during intramurals.

“Honestly, the journey of putting together this tournament was rough as we had to find new means of bracket generation, streaming platforms and talents to make sure we execute our first official online tournament successfully. Luckily though, through openness to learn new things and hard work, we can say we have done as much as we could to plan and prepare for this tournament successfully,” said the heads of the SUSG sports and recreation committee. 

The tournament will follow the planned schedule at 8:00-10:00 pm from January 29 to 30 and at 2:00 pm on January 31 for the finals. 

Interested students will have to form a five-member team with no substitutions allowed. Only one person is allowed to register the respective teams, providing the team captain’s email address.

A total of 16 teams will be accommodated, and the registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once registration is completed, guidelines will be sent through email to the team captain. 

Released in 2016, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena developed by Shanghai Moontoon Technology company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The mobile game has gained popularity in Southeast Asia and established itself as an esport back in the 2019 SouthEast Asian Games. 


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