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Silliman orgs host relief drive for flood victims

By Leander Palalon | January 18, 2021

The Sillimanian Initiative (TSI), along with other Silliman organizations, are hosting a relief drive for the victims of flash floods in Negros Occidental

The organization called for donations through their Facebook page. The donations are acquired by sending  through banks and online cash services.

The purpose of this donation drive is to aid the victims of the flash floods caused by hours of heavy yet constant rainfall due to the existence of a tail end of a cold front.

According to the Manila Bulletin, the floods displaced at least 38,675 families as the disaster hit seven towns and cities in Negros Occidental. At the time of writing, government sources count 2 fatalities.

The Sillimanian Initiative consists of volunteer students from Silliman University’s colleges and departments. Most of their members are part of the Silliman University Student Government’s (SUSG) executive and legislative branches.

Photo credits: The Sillimanian Initiative

“We started The Sillimanian Initiative last year during the surge of typhoons Ulysses and Siony.,” Shem Japhet Barinaga, TSI project head said. “We’ve gathered an amount to help the victims in Luzon through our community partner, Kapit Pinas.”

The organization partnered with Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc., an organization based in Bacolod City for their relief project in Negros Occidental. This partner organization will be giving the donations to the intended beneficiaries.

According to Barinaga, TSI hopes that these donations would go a long way for the victims, and would help them rebuild after suffering such tragedy.

The donation drive is still ongoing and donations can be sent through banks and other money transfer services. The full details of the donation process and bank transfers can be found on their Facebook page, The Sillimanian Initiative.


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