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HNU students finish INTEP

By Ian Zane Esparaga | News Writer

Feb. 14, 2020

Twenty-five students from Hannam University (HNU) in Korea completed their three-week Intensive Exchange Program (INTEP). A completion ceremony preceded last January 31 at the SU Hall.

According to Deo Mar Suasin, secretariat of the Language Learning Center, the purpose of this program is to develop the confidence of non-English speakers. He encouraged the students to use their ability to communicate in making friends, explore new cultures, and learn more in his inspirational message during the program.

“You have gained three things: knowledge, additional skill, and confidence in using the English language,” Suasin said. The three-week activities of the students include a diagnostic examination for reading comprehension, oral fluency, and written production. 

A campus tour was spearheaded by the External Affairs Officer, Flordeliz Mate, and facilitated by the SU Campus Ambassadors. HNU students were also accompanied by their Filipino buddies. They visited the  Dumaguete public market and explored the town of Valencia for their cultural exposure. 

Choi Suyeon, one of the HNU students shared that the class presentations and several activities of the program improved her confidence in using the English language.

Language Learning Center coordinator, Warlito Caturay, highlighted the bond built during the program in his message: “I hope that in three weeks here in Dumaguete, you cultivated not just love for the English language but also life-long friendships”. He also hoped that the students will continue to instill the Sillimanian spirit within them.

“In every way, you are all Sillimanians and Silliman will forever be your home.”

Meanwhile, April Grace Catacutan, a first-time buddy who was tasked to guide the HNU students stated that she is embracing this opportunity as a student and as a learner at the same time. “The one thing that I will miss about this program is that how I can converse with them. They are open-minded people, very straight forward, and very honest,” she said.

Two more schools – Kyushu University and Kobe International University from Japan – will attend the INTEP program before the end of the school year.

Photo by Kyle Andree Bolhano


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