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SU Architecture garners 100% passing rate, produces top notcher

By Hannah Patricia Abril | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 17

Feb. 21, 2020

Silliman University registered a 100 percent passing rate along with its first top notcher in the January 2020 Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE), producing its second batch of licensed architects.

Five licensed architects along with Top 8, Edith Joy Supat, belong to the first batch of graduates of BS Architecture program under the College of Engineering and Design that was established last June 2012.

Architect Vittorio Alejandre Vinarao, Department Head of BS Architecture stated that the means of retaining students had allowed them to attain the hundred percent passing rate, maintaining a standard for those who are taking the course. 

“When we teach students, we train them to be as if they are in an office,” Ar. Vinarao said. “Also, all of the faculty here are practicing architects, so we know what’s happening in the field outside, and that’s how we treat our students and our classes.”

“Actually our top notcher, she was our first Cum Laude,” Ar. Vinarao shared his impression about Silliman University’s first ALE top notcher, Edith Joy Supat. “I guess she took it upon herself as a pressure. “Personally, when I talk to her, I keep challenging her. In other fields, being a Cum Laude is not a guarantee that you will be among the top notchers. I guess she took it as a challenge… We saw her potential [while she was] as a student.” he added.

“To be able to take the Licensure Exam, I had to complete a two year diversified architectural training first, under a licensed architect, after graduating. Then I was l off to a 6-month long review course prior to taking it,” Supat stated.

“I studied along with my boyfriend (who also passed the exam) during the review period and he was the one who always kept me in check holistically, not only with my studies but also physically and mentally prepared. Together, we tried our best to manage our time well by creating a study schedule and study tracker.”

Supat mentioned that her biggest motivation in acing the exam were her parents who continually supported and prayed for her. She also acknowledged her boyfriend for being the biggest influence on her success.

After the results, Supat plans to return to the same firm in Dumaguete where she worked during her apprenticeship and finish a personal project she started with the firm. She also plans on taking a master’s degree course in the future.

The newly licensed architects of SU as follows:

  1. Abenes, Zandas D.
  2. Gulles, Vince Allen L.
  3. Lunor, Mary Vail B.
  4. Piñero, Inrica A.
  5. Supat, Edith Joy P.





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