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SU promotes low-impact living, unity

By Francis Ryan B. Pabiania | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 15

Jan. 24, 2020

Silliman University (SU) recently joined the “Tala” dance craze popularized by singer-actress Sarah Geronimo.

The Tala dance participants were composed of students, faculty members, staff, and administrators. They took on the popular dance challenge to promote the celebration of Zero-Waste Month held at the Amphitheater, Jan. 13.

“The Tala mass dance was really a publicity campaign to promote the university, the official SUSG channel and the zero waste month,” said Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) President, Aprille Juanillo. 

The SUSG released the official video on Facebook and on their Youtube channel, as their first content, last Jan 17. 

As of press time, the Facebook post earned 104k views; and 3.7k combined reactions, 163 comments, and 2.2k shares.

The accepted challenge was also featured in media outlets and platforms such as The Freeman and GMA News.


Meanwhile, a portion of the video showed five steps to go Zero Waste and have a low environmental impact, which includes; 1) Avoid food waste, 2) Minimize your carbon footprint, 3) Reduce plastic footprint, 4) Be mindful of your consumption of resources, 5) Support Zero Waste advocacies and live a minimalist lifestyle.

Juanillo said, “This is a rather creative way of presenting these ways to the audience, compared to the usual infographics or lecture-type promotions that we do regularly.”

She added that SUSG Environment Committee already held events to celebrate it and they will continue with the other established projects for the rest of the school year.

These projects include Waste Watch, the Waste and Brand Audit, Usap Klima and further implementation of the environmental policy. 

Head of SUSG Environment Committee Maria Jaya Ariola encourages Sillimanians “to start on little things” in proper segregation, bringing reusables, skipping straw and single-use plastics, attending educational discussions and lobbying with environmental organizations for policy change.

“January is the Zero Waste Month, and it is the responsibility of every Sillimanian to live up to the goals and principles of zero wastemindful consumption, waste management, and efficient utilization of resources and products,” Ariola said.


According to Juanillo, they were challenged by some student leaders that were also her friends from other schools such as Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Xavier University, and De La Salle University.

“It was almost jokingly [in a joking manner], so the thought of it being possible was a long shot,” she said. 

SU President Dr. Betty McCann and current Miss Silliman Alexandra Tuale showcased their dance moves along other Sillimanians to the popular dance craze in the Philippines; as countless netizens have already shared the video clips of their dance performances online.

Special Projects Head Shem Japheth Barinaga with the Committee members headed The Tala Mass Dance, dubbed as #TalaNation.

“Tala Mass Dance basically is a publicity stunt that can help market the university and at the same time a way to give the students what they want and to unite the Silliman community as well. It is voluntary and will serve as a way for us to start the year with good vibes. Since it can catch attention because of the trend, we also took advantage of it to celebrate Zero Waste Month,” Barinaga ended.


Photo by Ian Zane T. Esparaga


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