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SUSG president-less; Namacotcot to be expelled

By Kristine Felva P. Licup

UNIVERSITY Student Government (SUSG) is doing a snap presidential election on October 12, 2013 as it bids goodbye to former SUSG president Rowna Namacotcot.
Instead of being a candidate for graduation, Namacotcot is now candidate for expulsion after the university found out that her twin, Lowra, has been pretending to be her and attending a lot of her classes during the semester.
Dean of Students Carloss Mugtawlees said that the decision of expelling Namacotcot is final and there is nothing that could be done about it.
“The university’s decision is irrevocable. It is clear deceit, what she did. It is only right that she be expelled. With her dishonesty, she doesn’t deserve to be the student government president. She doesn’t even deserve to be a Sillimanian,” said Mugtawlees.
During an exclusive interview with the Weakly Sillymenien, a crying Namacotcot said she never expected that love could do her harm: “I only did that because I love my job too much. I dedicated my whole sem in being president and I figured I can’t just be the full-time student anymore so I asked my twin sister to cover for me. I didn’t know wanting to give my all to the student body is subject for immediate expulsion.” She added, “I did it for love. I just loved the student body so much. Ni minsan, di ko inakalang mali ang magmahal.”
The Namacotcot twins’ secret was exposed by Lowra’s exboyfriend Paoluh Ohngub after Lowra broke up with him because of not bringing her comfort food when she asked for it.
The only precinct for the snap presidential election is at the house of Siliman University President Bean Malayoung. As it is a snap election, voting is only from 12:30 p.m. to 12:31 p.m.



NB: this article is part of the lampoon issue


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