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Dr. Christie lectures in SU

By Edan Sam Pancho & Ian Zane Esparaga| News Writers

Vol. XCI No. 16

Jan. 24, 2020

Dr. Kenneth Christie, program head of Human Security and Peacebuilding in Royal Roads University lectured students as well as faculty members in a presentation titled, “Staying Motivated in the World of Research”. 

 “You cannot have human rights without human security and vice versa,” said Dr. Kenneth Christie in a lecture workshop held at the Silliman Hall last January 27, 2020. He elaborated the significance of human rights as a basic cornerstone of human security. “If someone violates your human rights, he is also violating your human security”, he added

The event was attended by students especially from the Philosophy department and the School of Public Affairs and Governance. Participants from Foundation University were also present during the event.

Politics, economy and society are a few of the actors a researcher should look into when conducting a research about a nation.

Dr. Christie emphasized that one must be passionate about one’s research. He shared that research is a basic building block of a university. “These researches are important especially if you work on a university, you are studying in a university, you have to do researches,” he said.  Moreover, Dr. Christie mentioned that anybody can start a research regardless of what age you are.

Participants of the workshop also took part of an activity in the afternoon where they were given profiles of countries by Christie. They were tasked to give the context of any conflict in the country, their actors and resources then present them to their fellow participants. The Syrian civil war, Myanmar’s Rohingya ethnic conflict, Venezuela’s political crisis, and Congo’s sexual violence were among the crisis tackled. 

Meanwhile, when asked if there is a specific issue right now in the Philippines that could become a crisis, Christie thinks the other way. “I don’t think Philippines is heading for that kind of crisis”, he said. The lack of social and economic development according to him was the biggest problem of the Philippines. He also added that there is also no possibility to have a same stand with Venezuela because of the country’s different economy.

The event started on 8 am and ended at about 5 in the afternoon.


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